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General comments about the 8 week course

“The course has been excellent. It has taught me how to be more peaceful, still, aware of much more around me, to be ‘in the moment’.”

“If you suffer from stress, even a little bit, this course is wonderful! It is simple to follow and challanging at the same time – and it is a great learning experience. I personally deal with stress in a completely different way even after eight weeks and that in itself is amazing.”

“It was a very helpful and inspiring course. Good teaching and varied materials, CDs, handouts. Experiential learning works the best for me, certainly. It was a kind and safe environment and very friendly too.”

“A very worthwhile course. I learned so much and it has made me want to continue with mindfulness-based stress reduction. The tutor was extremely helpful.”

“It has provided me with tools to look at my life in a different way and that it is possible to change and develop.”

“It has been a a very helpful and fulfilling course and has given me many tools to progress.”

The most valuable learning has been:

“To live in the moment. To be still. To sit. To be in touch with the ‘real’ me. To be more aware of all my daily movements. To accept all situations readily. Not to be in control of situations but to let them happen. I felt the course was managed most thoughtfully with care and empathy for each one of us.”

“The need for consistent practice and the feeling that one is somehow being supported in this. The emphasis on “no blame” (e.g. thoughts will always be there) and on acceptance (e.g. difficulties, situations, ups and downs). One felt cared for and fully supported.”

“To simply breathe into the anxiety, tears or stress of the moment, go into the depths of despair and breathe myself through it. Knowing that this moment will pass, reassuring myself it will pass. Learning that I am not the only one who feels a certain way. The sharing allowed me to see that others often feel exactly the same.”

“Learning to stop, to breathe, to come back to me. That in itself is so huge, sounding so simple. Doing so, in all aspects of life, from great joy to great hard times, puts life into perspective and helps to see the reality of it all, in the workplace, within all my relationships, from wife and mother to daughter, to grandmother, to friends and many more. I cannot believe the benefits of this course to my life and to me as a person.”

Self-awareness . . . is a neutral mode that maintains self-reflectiveness even in the midst of turbulent emotions.

Daniel Goleman