Mindfulness in Newcastle upon Tyne 2017

The next 8 week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course will be starting on January 24th in central Newcastle upon Tyne. The course is suitable for those with no previous meditation experience who wish to learn how to establish a  mindfulness practice,  those who have a little experience of mindfulness, but feel they could benefit from the support and guidance of a structured course to establish a stronger foundation of personal practice, and also those with an existing  meditation practice who wish to deepen their practice and integrate it more fully in daily life. The course offers an in depth exploration of how we can allow spaces in the busy flow of every day, so that we can be more fully present and grounded all that daily life involves, especially when things are more challenging for us. The course involves 8 taught sessions with commitment to a home practice programme and accompanying CDs and handbook. There is also an opportunity to attend a full day of practice with others in the mindfulness community. This takes place after week 6 of the course on Sunday 12th March at Newton and Bywell Community Hall, near Stocksfield.


With mindfulness practice, we are always beginning again with whichever moment we are in.  The new year can be a positive time to allow for new beginnings and fresh approaches to living our lives more fully and clearly. It is a time of year when we naturally renew intentions towards our well-being, and reflect on how we can live a more balanced life. The course is offered in a welcoming and supportive group environment to encourage development and exploration.

The course takes place on Tuesday evenings, 6.30 pm – 8.45pm at The County Hotel on Neville Street, immediately opposite Central Station.

For full course information and an application form, please see the Courses page on my website.