Attitudinal Foundations

The Attitudinal Foundations of Mindfulness

The seven attitudinal foundations of mindfulness are described by Jon Kabat-Zinn as the “major pillars of mindfulness practice” (Full Catastrophe Living, 2004). Non-judging, patience, beginner’s mind, trust, non-striving, acceptance and letting go are qualities of mind and heart which bring an essential attitudinal approach to practice, and which are naturally developed through practice itself. They can also be cultivated consciously as a way of reinforcing and deepening mindfulness practice and integrating it further in daily life.

This is a six week follow up course to an MBSR/MBCT programme. It consists of six sessions of two hours held at fortnightly intervals to allow time to integrate the practices and themes explored in the course. The course is suitable for anyone who has completed an 8 week MBSR/MBCT course and who wishes to develop and integrate practice further in a structured way.

This 6 week course is an opportunity to deepen and enliven your mindfulness practice through exploring and developing these qualities, and applying them in everyday life. The course sessions involve guided practice and reflections on each of the foundational qualities and the opportunity to explore your experience of them in a supportive group environment through reflection, group dialogue and interpersonal mindfulness practices.

Guidelines and suggestions are given for home practice in between sessions, to assist with reflecting on and exploring these foundational attitudes in your own personal practice, and absorbing them more fully in your life.

The most valuable learning has been that there are ways to take mindfulness practice forward beyond what I had learned in the MBSR course. I have learned a great deal about myself. The combination of group work which provided generous and invaluable insights and your beautifully written guides helped the richness of learning.

Keeping up regular practice is the most challenging thing but this course helped me to find new ways of doing this. It was a pleasure and a privilege to be part of this course.

Warm, safe, non-judgemental and very supportive. I found the following an inspiring part of the sessions: mindfulness and contemplation on the foundational concepts, followed by the group discussions/sharing. I love to listen to others’ experiences of life. The insights shared are hugely comforting and supportive in how I move through life.

I also enjoy the opportunity to share some of my own experiences of mindfulness and life- I find it somewhat cathartic; and I only hope others “may” find some small nuggets of insight or comfort in my experiences- as I do with theirs. A wonderful course Gwennie- I felt complete trust in you and the group. I’m extremely grateful to be part of the groups/courses you create.

Authentic happiness is not linked to an activity; it is a state of being, a profound emotional balance struck by a subtle understanding of how the mind functions.

~Matthieu Ricard