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Overcoming Overthinking with Mindfulness

  A Swirl Live event 25th September, Newcastle upon Tyne I’m delighted to be offering an introduction to mindfulness practice  together with Andy Walton, Founder of Swirl, on 25th September. Details as follows: Tuning into your breath and focusing your attention is a key first step to overcoming a distressing level of overthinking. Mindfulness is […]

A Reflection on Personal Practice Mentoring

The following is a post written by a mentee and shared recently with the Mindfulness Network. For further information about personal practice mentoring:https://www.mindfulness-supervision.org.uk/personal-practice-mentoring/ “I’ve been practising mindfulness since I did my ten-week course with a local Buddhist centre in 2004. I came to mindfulness because I felt a desire in myself to experience life in […]

Being in The Digital Age

The Word Down near the bottom of the crossed-out list of things you have to do today, between “green thread” and “broccoli,” you find that you have pencilled “sunlight.” The opening lines of Tony Hoagland’s poem, The Word, have been circling through my mind recently. I read it aloud in a recent session of my […]


I was delighted to receive my copy of Swirl recently, a booklet produced by Andy Walton and Gina Yu, on overcoming worry and over-thinking. Andy Walton is a community mental health  nurse based  in the north-east who trained in mindfulness through the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction course and works with military veterans through  Combat Stress, a charity that helps military veterans […]

Staying put

Following the thaw, life has returned to more normal routines, and everyone has been emerging from the Siberian blast with their accounts of having been snowed in. Here in the uplands of Northumberland National Park, the snow lay siege and fell continuously for several days. As the wind picked up, we watched as blizzards bowled […]

The value of retreat

Retreat, however long a time we can manage to commit to, enlivens practice and it enhances life. It supports the development of practice and our own potential for living a meaningful and fulfilled life. Just as simple moments of awareness bring us valuable space, clarity and  perspective in our busy everyday lives, retreat offers a unique opportunity […]

Starting Start the Week

On Monday, in the dark of a January morning at 7 30 am, I held the first online mindfulness Start the Week session by Zoom. Not having hosted a meeting before, I wondered how the technology would work out and how it would be to enable the connection to happen smoothly. Would it really be possible […]

The power of the present moment

When we begin to practice paying attention, we start to notice how strong the tugs and pulls on the mind are and how well developed our habit of distraction is. It can seem so engrained, so vivid, random and unruly. The process of building a new muscle of attention, a new mental habit of present […]

Mindfulness, distraction and the Christmas rush

At the last monthly practice support meeting held in Newcastle at the County Hotel, we explored how the lead up to Christmas can be a valuable and rich basis for our practice to support us amidst the increased pressures we may experience at this time of year. Where I live, which is in quite a remote […]