Distance learning MBSR course

Distance learning MBSR course

If a group course in not accessible for you locally, or because of family or caring commitments, or other life and working circumstances, the distance learning course is an ideal alternative. The 8 week distance learning course follows exactly the same content as the group-based MBSR course, but is offered on a one to one basis, through weekly telephone or skype calls.

The distance learning course is also suitable for those who have already completed an 8 week course and wish to deepen their learning and practice through newly experiencing the course content and structure.

The distance learning option offers the advantage of one to one instruction with an experienced mindfulness teacher who can tailor the course to your individual learning needs. It offers week by week exploration of your own developing practice and support with any difficulties as they arise.

The weekly course time can be arranged at a time to suit your individual circumstances. Because of family and evening teaching commitments, I prefer to arrange daytime calls for the distance learning course.

An orientation call is arranged following application and the course involves  an additional review call following the 8 weekly course sessions to explore taking the learning forward. If you are based in the North East of England, where possible, access is offered to a day of mindfulness practice with those currently on a group-based programme.

Home practice and your personal exploration of practice forms the basis of learning for this course. Like the group-based course, you will be encouraged to set aside up to an hour a day which includes a 40 minute formal meditation practice, listening and practicing with audio recordings, making some short reflections and diary entries, and integrating mindfulness in your day through some “informal” practices, for example, bringing mindful awareness to ordinary, everyday experiences.

The Course Includes:

  • A 45 minute orientation call with the course teacher following application
  • 9 x 1 hour weekly phone calls, and where possible, access to a day of mindfulness practice.
  • One to one instruction in formal mindfulness meditation practices, including sitting meditation, gentle movement and stretching and body awareness exercises.
  • Guidance and support in establishing your own personal practice
  • A daily programme of home practice to help integrate mindfulness in daily life.
  • Course material including a practice handbook and guided audio recordings of the practices.

Please email Gwennie to enquire further.

When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.
~Lao Tzu

“Having been unable to find a convenient course in a group setting, I turned to being taught mindfulness over distance learning. I must admit I was a little wary of how effective this would be but from the first session with Gwennie my fears turned out to be unfounded. Although we were 300 and more miles apart, Gwennie, made me feel as if I was in the same room as her and gave me the dedicated one on one attention that I could never get in a group setting. I also benefited from the flexibility that the distance leaning approach gave. Of course this is testament to what a wonderful mindfulness teacher Gwennie is and how easily she is able to communicate and bring her mindfulness teaching to life. “

Wise and compassionate, mindfulness guides you to the place of stillness at the core of every human being. It is by connecting with this place that you will understand fully the richness of everyday life and find the peacefulness that will energise you to cope with the unceasing pressure of a troubling world.

For me, distance learning was the perfect medium for understanding mindfulness – growing an awareness of the still centre at the core of our being. Not being able to see the face of my mentor freed me to be able to focus entirely on her voice and the concepts she wished to share. I achieved understanding through practice and exchange that paid attention to my particular learning difficulties and triumphs. Nine one hour conversations over a period of nine weeks honed my grasp of mindfulness in the way distinctive to one-on-one learning. Distance learning was definitely right for me.”