Group-based MBSR courses

Group-Based MBSR Courses

The group-based MBSR course takes place in a supportive group environment of up to twelve people.

Learning from the course is greatly enhanced and enriched through sharing the experience of practice with others.  Reflecting and exploring your experience of practice in a group provides inspiration and support in the process of developing your own mindfulness practice. It is helpful to hear about other people’s experiences and it can also help to normalise some of things we notice about the way our minds work, and how we all deal with life challenges. Discussion and reflection takes place in a safely held and structured way, either with the whole group, or sometimes in smaller groups and pairs.

Home practice is an essential part of the course. Developing mindfulness takes practice. During the course you will be encouraged to set aside up to an hour each day for practice between the classes to help establish the skills being learned. This will involve a 40 minute “formal” meditation practice, listening and practising with audio recordings, some short reflections and diary entries, and also some “informal” practices, for example, bringing mindful attention to moments of ordinary, everyday experience.

The Course Includes:

  • A 45 minute orientation call with the course teacher following application.
  • 8 weekly two and a quarter hour classes in a group, plus a full day of practice.
  • Instruction in formal mindfulness meditation practices, including sitting meditation, gentle movement and stretching and body awareness exercises.
  • Guidance and support in establishing a personal mindfulness practice.
  • A daily programme of home practice to help integrate mindfulness in daily life.
  • Course material including a practice handbook and guided audio recordings of the practices.

For dates and locations of the next 8 week MBSR course, full course details and to register interest, please go to the COURSE DATES page.

This course has been a key life change for me, and in many ways, a release. I know that the thoughts that have sparked unhappy reactions from me, are not who I am. And this has allowed me to begin the journey of getting back to the essence of who I am. It was an extremely well presented and taught 8 weeks, and I would recommend it to anyone.

I felt incredibly supported, and as a result very safe, which allowed me to open my mind to learning. I always felt there was a door open if I had any concerns or questions, and I had a sense of continuity in Gwennie’s thoughts, that made me feel cared for, and as a result, once again very open to learning.

If the quality with which a person handles a difficult moment shifts by even one per cent, then that is an important shift, because it affects the next moment, and the next and so on, so one small change can have a large impact in the end.

~Zindel Segal, Mark Williams and John Teasdale.