Privacy Policy

I am committed to protecting and respecting any personal information you share with me. This statement describes what types of information I collect from you, how it is used, who sees this data, how I manage the information, how long I hold it for, and how you can contact me.

  1. What data do I hold?
  • Names, addresses, email addresses, telephone numbers – contact details that you have given me.
  • Details of bookings for 8 week courses, practice support events and retreats – whatever information you provide on the application form and data related to bookings (such as health or personal circumstances) that may be relevant to attendance at one of my courses or events. I only hold personal data through direct applications and expressions of interest in my courses where the data is freely given.
  • I do not hold any banking data for participants unless these are given to me for a purpose (e.g. a reimbursement).
  1. How do I use this data?
  • Any personal data is stored securely and used solely for the purposes of administering course attendance and supporting continued engagement by individuals with courses and events.
  • On completion of a course, participants will be offered the option to sign up to my mailing list. By adding your details to the database I am able let you know of any future events. I will contact those who wish to be placed on the database from time to time with guidance to support ongoing mindfulness practice, including details of forthcoming courses and events, and other related activities that may be of interest.
  • You can opt out of receiving emails at any time, by contacting

3. How do I share this information?

  • I comply with all legal and legislative obligations on personal data.
  • I do not share personal sensitive data or any of your information with any third party.
  1. How long do I keep information for?
  • I hold personal data for the minimum amount of time
  • All information given on an application form is treated in strict confidence. Application forms for the courses are kept securely during the 8 week course and deleted or destroyed on completion of the course. Paper or electronic copies of documents held, which contain personal information, will be destroyed or deleted when a course ends. Paper records will be destroyed by shredding or burning.
  • I will only retain your contact details for as long as you consent for me to do so.  You can opt out of receiving emails and request  data  and contact details to be deleted from the database at any time by contacting
  • Any records of personal data will be deleted, when an individual has opted out of email communication.
  • Emails with course participants, or individuals enquiring  about courses, will be reviewed after a period of one year and will be deleted if no longer necessary for administering a course or event.

If you have any questions about my privacy policy, please email me at